Suspicious Fox on 12″x16.5″ Khadi paper

Khadi is the BEST watercolor paper, as it is handmade from recycled 100% cotton t-shirts in India. It truly takes your painting to the next level and it art in itself!

For full-disclosure, I did not discover Khadi paper alone. My 310Art instructor (and internationally known watercolor artist) Nadine Charleson strictly uses Khadi & Arches professional paper and even then, Arches is a stretch (hehe, get it? Nevermind).

First layer on Khadi watercolor paper.

I have worked with every brand and type of watercolor paper – and sometimes when I run out of Khadi paper and Cheap Joes is closed for the night- I’ll try out the stacks of random watercolor packs I’ve received as gifts over time. But my paintings just don’t get that fine art texture I’m looking for. I always end up going back to Khadi as soon as Joes opens the next morning.

How I Frame Khadi Paper

This is a personal preference, of course, but the right way 🙂 to frame Khadi paper is with the edges showing. This is actually good news for you frugal framers because you don’t need to cut mat! Just lay on top of a full piece of mat. I like to give at least 3 inches of mat border, again personal preference.

Have you tried Khadi paper? Let me know how you think it compares to others.

Just look at those edges! Beautiful!